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This outdoor agency is driven according to a philosophy about a Mountain Sisterhood where the experience always is more important than the performance. We think that the mountains is for everyone. 

The agency was founded in March 2015 in the Italian Monte Rosa Ski. Monte Rosa says "pink mountains". The color pink happened also to be a symbolic of femininity. Similar to our Mountain Sisterhood. And just like the history about the adventurous Queen Margherita from late 1800, who traveled from Turin to the valley of Gressoney in Monte Rosa, we also want to inspire people to go out into the mountains.

No matter what experience you have! 

We organize courses, trips and events to a several different destinations and countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden. Activities we passionately share with you are especially skiing,

climbing, hiking and yoga. 

Interested in joining us?

Contact us at

Warmly welcome to a new Mountain experience! 

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