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PRESS: Nytt mentorskapsprogram inom skidåkning!

#passionateskier in Engelberg

Press: Brand new Mentor program for every #passionateskier

In fall 2019, Swedish Ski instructor/-guide and female entrepreneur Johanna Nygård, launches a brand new mentor program for every #passionateskier.

This is a mentor program for you who loves to ski non-depending on your level or the countless days you collect upon the mountains each season. Do you ski 1 or 120 days? It doesn´t mather. The real  #passionateskier is someone who let is passion shine thru all year around. 

The mentor program is based on work-shops, personal feedback and talks. The topics includes everything from basically things within skiing to more advanced skills about ski technique and mountain terrain and safety reasons. Always with passion for skiing in center. We will ski and train in different slopes and off-piste terrain depending on what topic you choose to work on. 

Johanna Nygård, founder of #passionateskier herself is an experienced Ski instructor and Swedish Ski guide. She started to ski as a little girl and had an extended break focusing on her marketing and branding-carrier instead. Soon enough she found her way back to skiing and then started to ski with all her heart again. It was no longer about the comparative part. She wanted to go out in the mountains to connect with the passion for skiing and learn more about nature itself. The great experience that she felt out in the mountains on snow was so strong that she wanted to share it, that´s why she eventually became an instructor and ski guide.

Nowadays Johanna managing the outdoor agency Systrar i bergen. And thru her work with the agency she is experienced of leading groups in Sweden’s mountains by guiding in ski touring and introduce clients to mountain safety winter time. In the alpes on the other hand she´s working together with chosen pro mountain guides who share the same mountain philosophy to her clients.

In her resume you´ll find work experience as a ski instructor in Swedish ski school, as well as with private clients but also instructing in ski school in Engelberg, Switzerland.

She has been teaching in skiing since 2015 and her dedication to her passion made her, same year, quit her day job and start a life as an entrepreneur and outdoor guide. In March 2015 surrounded by the Monte Rosa in Italy she founded the outdoor agency Systrar i bergen (English: Mountain Sisters). 

Warmly welcome, Johanna Nygård

What is a Passionate Skier? See 3 episods on YoutTube about the projects start.


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