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Why is femininity a need in the mountains?

Too often I thought that reaching high peaks, skiing steep slopes or climbing the most difficult routes would be the greatest achievement. But for me the greatest achievement would be to have the courage to pursue my dreams and to let go of my fear of heights and exposed terrain. I wanted to feel trust within myself and connect to nature, the mountains.

My desire is to learn how to ski steep in safe conditions and to become a stronger climber - because it´s simply what I love the most.

I haven´t let go of my fears yet. But I've faced it many times. Gentled I've pushed my boundaries. Found my balance how to grow into this environment. The mountains.

Systrar i bergen is an outdoor agency where I want to share the mountain experience from a feminine energy. Hm, and what does that exactly mean? Most people look at me like "?".

Actually, the feminine energy has nothing to do with gender. We are both feminine and masculine energies, but you probably represent the one more than the other.

In my opinion the femininity in Systrar i bergen is about connecting to nature and our inner adventure/experience. To stay together without competing with each other. Still, the experience can be challenging but always rewarding in the end.

When enough people make positive changes in their lives, then everything and everybody will change.

Being a strong woman is not an easy direction in life. People will, and have, lots of ideas of whom you are.

Maybe that's one reason why I seek a deeper connection within the mountains. Because nature will always welcome me no matter my level, gender or experience. As long as I show respect in return.

I am truly grateful for this portrait taken by Tanya. The portrait gives me purpose, this is whom I am and where my passion and biggest dreams exist. With love and kindness, Johanna Nygård Founder of Systrar i bergen

Engelberg, Switzerland. PHOTO: Tatyanadia Mantine


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